What motivates you to keep pushing NotCo forward?

My motivation comes from three main words: mission, execution, and team. Our mission at NotCo is still not accomplished, but I can feel that we take steps towards it every day. Perceiving how our projects are moving forward is stimulating, it makes me want to push hard every day to get things done. It is inspiring also to see how the company changes and adapt so fast, how NotCo's team can react, and surpass every obstacle, it makes me stay fully committed to NotCo and this fantastic group of people.

What made you join the NotCo team?

I fell in love with NotCo's mission and with the challenge I faced after Matías encouraged me to create Giuseppe. The purpose of creating the first AI that solves an open problem that changes the world is something I couldn't reject. It is an honor for me to be part of the very first team at NotCo. Today, I'm amazed by the organization that makes NotCo; the feeling of having such great people on board is fascinating.

Why is NotCo important (in your words)?

NotCo has a significant responsibility on its hands: changing the way humans consume and produce food. It is a game-changing mission that affects the entire world. The current food industry is cruel; it is making the earth to pay the cost of its inefficiency. Exploiting and consuming animals is draining our water, destroying our land, polluting our environment, and promoting diseases that become harder to defeat over time. NotCo has the challenge of reverting the current scenario with breakthrough science, cutting edge AI technology, and hustle to execute and make things happen.

What is your importance to the company? What do you bring to the table?

I'm responsible for delivering the AI technology that NotCo needs to accomplish its mission. I have to make sure that at the AI team, we are creative, collaborative, and focus on achieving results. I'm in charge of the design of NotCo's AI approach and vision, on how we dream up Giuseppe, and how Giuseppe must collaborate with our scientists and food engineers to make their discoveries possible. I have the joy of working with a group of extremely talented engineers, professionals that challenge me every day and make me be a better leader.